How my life changed in a minute

If I would ever tell this story in person to anyone, all of them will think I had lost my mind. But this event changed my life and I had a hard time believing it.

All happened in a night. My two male best friends invited me out to a club in London; it was one of those nights when you don’t feel like doing anything but still, you don’t want to stay indoor.
After thinking through I decided l will put something casual on me and go out with my friends.

Around 8 pm we’ve met at a Irish pub in central London. IT’s  a place we like to hang out have some drinks. Thing we did  in this night that will change my life.

After we had more than a few drink in the London pub we felt like dancing. We went to the first club we saw. IT was the Majestical Club of London.
IT was full but I didn’t care, I just wanted to dance. I went straight to the dance floor and started dancing. While I was dancing a girl is approaching me…she came from behind and told me at my ear that she loves the way I am dressed and she loves the smell of my hair. I immediately replied with a compliment, as she was way prettier than I am. I told her I love her looks and especially her face, she had a baby face.
She gave me a big smile and we went to take  a drink together at the bar. There, we started talking…first about girls stuff…then about boys and more and in the end…we talked about lesbians. I don’t really know for sure how we ended up having that conversation…she was curious to know my opinion about I think about lesbianism and girls who works as escorts but only for women.
Honestly I don’t have any problem with it…thing that Said to her. After she heard that she gave me a quick kiss on the lips. But she was so fast  that I realised she kissed me at the end. I was taken by surprise and I smiled. Then she kissed me again and again until I realised I liked it so much I didn’t want her to stop.
I then realised : I LIKE GIRLS!!. I had such a great feeling….I felt like I was letting go on something but in the same time like I was earning something. I was happy. I felt good.
From that night, I’ve met with her couple of times. With her and other colleagues of hers that also works as escorts London. The girls were escorts only for women or couples. But with couples they will satisfy only the women. I admired them. They were doing what they liked most and they were getting paid. Good for them.

Anyway, the point is that a small experience like that, in one club in London, changed my life. I realised  I like women more than man. I realised I want to spend my life with another woman and not a man. I don’t know what it took me so much to realise I am into women but I am happy I did it when I am still young and still can experience the love of a woman.
I am still looking for that woman perfect for me. Hope she will come soon.